Pipe Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco

pipe tobacco

The ritual, the contemplation...the pipe smoking individual holds a certain gravitas. We are happy to offer some of the best blends and time tested brands for your enjoyment.


in 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened a small bespoke blending shop on Duke Street in Westminster, London. Customers could have custom fitted blends numbered and recorded so that they could enjoy the same consistent experience each time they returned. By 1912, Dunhill saw the need to create more market friendly blends that could be advertised to a wider variety of clientele, and the legendary brand was solidified. These blends are worldwide standards, and a testament to consistency.

Mac Baren

Mac Baren has been a family run business since it's foundation in 1887 by Harold Halberg. He began the company as Harold Halberg Cigar in Germany, and it has steadily grown into the leading pipe tobacco distributor within the Nordic region. Mac Baren was founded on passion and knowledge and is a contemporary brand that offers some of the finest tobaccos in the world.