Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf!

We are part of a vibrant community, celebrating the best that the leaf has to offer! This portion of our site is dedicated to enriching that community, and presenting our particular niche. Here in Kentucky, we enjoy a thriving tobacco industry, with farms all over the state. Many facilities fire cure premium tobaccos for some of your favorite products. There is a rich heritage in our city of Paducah, and we're fortunate to foster a group of people that share our love of great cigars and pipe tobaccos. Scroll through, and enjoy, here are some of our memories.


Every year, we say goodbye to the old year with a Christmas party, and invite all of our brothers and sisters of the leaf to help us celebrate! 2016 was a fantastic year, and so was the party. We each smoked a Don Carlos Personal Reserve to say one last farewell to one of our heros, Carlos Fuente Sr.